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Artist’s Statement

Any photographic project I undertake is a journey, and this final project started with a journey. I travel forty-two miles through the northwest Missouri agrarian countryside to work. My initial images for my final project were of interesting things I saw along this route. As I collected images, I found that there were numerous signs that featured animals on them in them. I focused on these signs and collected more images. I then became aware that in this part of Missouri, there are many signs that feature the Pony Express, and ultimately my final project is of various iterations of the Pony Express logo on public signs.

The signs are from many different locations and advertise many different businesses. I endeavor to highlight the textures of these signs and their immediate surroundings. I rarely reveal the entire sign in my images, but focus on the variety of Pony Express logos. The logo always depicts the horse in a full gallop and the rider eagerly leans forward in the saddle. I deliberately posted these images on my Word Press blog in a slideshow because I want them viewed in a particular order. It starts with the horse facing to the right and progresses from smaller to larger. The images then switch direction to the horse facing left and the logo gets smaller.


Signs of the Pony Express

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Low Light Images

An Exercise in Correcting Lighting

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